All About Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can be caused by a number of different factors like a flood, leaky pipe, burst sewer tank and so on. In order to restore your home back to normal, you might need to call in the services of a professional water damage restoration team. You can look up reviews of your local water damage restoration firms on their Yelp page. According to the recent studies by, many homes are affected every year by water damage brought on by natural floods.

Firms offering water damage restoration services need to ensure first that the damaged property can be restored to a safe space before actually starting the process of cleaning up. Water damage is categorized into three different groups based on the level of water contamination:

· Category 1
In this category, the damage is caused by potable water or fit for consumption water. The sources of this particular type of water damage include broken supply lines, overflowing containers, broken sprinklers, etc. This particular water damage does not pose a threat to inhalation or dermal exposure. The water causing the damage is referred to as fresh water by experts in the industry.

· Category 2
In this category, the water damage is caused by water which is significantly contaminated and can cause discomfort or sickness in human if consumed. Since the water might contain microorganisms, chemicals or biological matter, workers need to be very careful while dealing with the water damage. The water causing the damage is referred to as grey water by experts in the industry.

· Category 3
In this category, the water causing the damage is highly contaminated and contains toxigenic agents and harmful pathogens. This is often caused by leakage of raw sewage or black water. This type of water damage can be deadly to humans and destructive to the property as well. The workers dealing with the restoration need to wear the appropriate gear to stay safe from the contamination.

The water intrusion can be further divided into four classifications based on what kind of material the water has damaged. This is important information, as it helps the water damage restoration team decide how to proceed with the restoration process. They need to have prior information about how long the water has been present, how much area has been damaged and so on. With this information, the professional water restoration team can come up with a plan to restore your home within a particular timeline.

If you take a long while before calling in the water damage restoration team, it will cause more damage to your home. Many restoration teams come with drying equipment like dehumidifiers to prevent further damage like mold from cropping up. You might need to leave the dehumidifier on for a couple of nights to ensure that the water has all dried up and will not be presenting any further problems. Throughout this period, the restoration crew will monitor the drying process. They will continue taking a reading of different surfaces and move the equipment to areas that are still wet.


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